The Tradition Continues

It’s time to start thinking about the highlights of 2014. I have a feeling this year will be more about quality than quantity.

All is Quiet
December 31, 2012

Over a decade ago, on the first day of the New Year, I started composing a list of personal highlights compiled from the year that just ended. It was my way of reflecting on the past 365 days and documenting the special moments, as fleeting or as prolonged as they might have been, in order to piece together a chronological string of elated experiences. I did this so I would not forget how fantastic I felt at the time, all the while reliving these special occasions with a secret smile.

Without realizing it, these recollections became a coping mechanism for me – for the times I was down and out and losing hope, I could turn back to my list(s) as reminders that great things do and can happen at any moment, and I should never give up believing that I’d be stuck in a state of despair forever.

As I write this, it is the last day of 2012. Which means, tomorrow, I will retrieve my “book of highlights” and start to jot down my pockets of joy from this past year. I’m not looking forward to it. In fact, I’m dreading it. Just thinking about the grief and loss that are alive and well in my heart, combined with the absence of few memories of jubilation, I just know the register is going to be the shortest one since starting this practice.

What I think I’ll do on January 1st, 2013, instead of pounding my brain just to fill up a page of pseudo-happy memories, is write a list of all of the good things that came out of the bad things in 2012 – a list of silver linings. That won’t be difficult at all. Even if they don’t fall under the same umbrella as highlights, all I’m doing is putting a new twist on an old tradition.


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2 Replies to “The Tradition Continues”

  1. I ***love*** your unique tradition and I wish you a year filled with high-quality experiences, joy, love, healing and fulfillment!
    (((gentle hugs))) & a belated Happy New Year from

    p.s. I’m excited to buy Jessie Close’s “Resilience: Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness” on my Kindle – I think it’ll be out next week!!

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    1. Thanks Dyane! Congrats to you on all of writing and advocacy accomplishments. Your dedication is always an inspiration for me, with all of your posts and blogs. So glad we connected. Hugs from bitter cold NYC. Adrienne

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