In need of tv guidance

As I mentioned yesterday I’m putting together a list of all the things I need to prepare for regarding my surgery and post-op recovery at home. I now turn to you for tv guidance – what series do you recommend for binging while my spine heals? I’d like to have my line-up ready beforehand so that I don’t have to go searching for quality tv when I get home from the hospital. Looking forward to your recommendations. This should be fun!

2 Replies to “In need of tv guidance”

  1. I like two new series that are on Sunday nights. One is Resurrection which is on at 8 central time and the other is Crisis which is on at 9 central time. There have already been 2 episodes of each which you could probably find on demand. Then there is always the original Law and Order which is on about 5 different stations during the week at different times. I have about 50 episodes recorded. Of course SVU and I have watch Chicago PD but I have missed it a few time and I am lost. Last but not least is WIthout a Trace which I love. Love, Mary


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