Hope Blog/Depression – A Real Pain in the Neck

When I focus on how much time I’ve lost to suffering with depression and anxiety throughout my life, I get angry and profoundly sad. From there I switch to feeling grateful that I’m doing better, but no matter what, I always come to the same conclusion: ruminating over the past is detrimental to my wellbeing. It does not help me in any way. Yet, I still do it, especially at times when I’m not feeling well physically, like now.

I’d always planned on making up for all the great adventures, big and small, that I missed out on because I was too depressed to face the world for so long. Therefore, it’s extremely frustrating that now, when I’m feeling pretty good mentally, I’m stuck at home, grappling with close to unbearable pain in my neck and right arm. The discomfort has become so severe lately that I’m unable to sleep – not a good thing for me, since insomnia is one of my main triggers for depression.  

Until now, I’ve been successful at not letting “it” get to me. But after another sleepless night, filled with invisible knives stabbing and twisting inside of me, I’m feeling vulnerably wide open to an uninvited bout of depression. It’s times like these that all of the tools I’ve collected and worked so hard to use properly become useless against the mighty powers of the body and mind.  

I don’t want to look at any time in my past or present as being lost or wasted due to depression or a physical ailment. In addition, the future is not my enemy, negative projections are. 

One lesson I’ve learned is that perspective can turn negative experiences into positive ones, most of the time. From that standpoint, I’ll consider this day as one not lost to pain and anxiety, but as an opportunity to share my struggles with the hopes of helping others to heal. 

9 Replies to “Hope Blog/Depression – A Real Pain in the Neck”

  1. I am so hoping that your MRI results show what the problem is, that it is a simple fix and that you will be out of pain soon. I hate knowing that you are hurting so much. xoxoxo

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  2. I have severe pain in neck and depression too. Getting an MRI is the first thing to do. You want to find out if there are any bulging discs in your neck. I have bulging discs in my neck.
    Working at the computer or laptop for long periods of time will bring on the pain. Make sure you have ergonomic set up. Any forward leaning tasks make it worse. Like washing the dishes. (if don’t have a dishwasher). Lifting heavy stuff (25lbs and over). Laying on a slightly elevated pillow with a heating pad will ease the pain. You want to keep your neck in neutral position. You don’t want to keep your neck bent forward into your chest or bent backwards.
    Extra strength Tylenol will help some, since the pain in neck can lead to headache. My experience. Hope this helps. I honestly don’t think depression can give a pain in the neck. It can be physical thing. I had to go the emergency room twice last year for it, the pain is so bad. I just got health insurance so you reminded me that I have to make a appt. with the
    neurologist. I hope you feel better. Don’t be sad and go get it checked out.


    1. Hi Donna, I had an MRI last week and it showed that I have issues with my spine. I’m seeing a specialist tomorrow. I’m nervous, but at least I’ll find out what the treatment options are and I’ll be on my way to feeling better. Thanks a million for your advice and excellent suggestions. Be well, Adrienne


      1. I am glad I was help to you. I am not sure what comes first the pain and then the depression or depression then the pain. It is like the question: What came first the chicken or the egg?
        I am trying to look for a job on the computer and have to stop after an hour because I get pain in my neck. If on the computer more than an hour neck pain leads to headache in the
        back of head and then moves to my forehead, then into my face. Just do whatever the doctors tell you to do. Don’t let it go.

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      2. I had my appointment with a spine specialist yesterday. At least I now know where the pain is coming from and what my treatment options are. There’s no connection between my diagnosis and depression – which is a relief. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I hope your neck/headache issues get resolved soon.


    1. Thanks George. I’m looking forward to having the surgery so that I won’t have pain every day like I do now. I’ll post a new blog as soon as I can with updates regarding my surgery and progress. Best regards, Adrienne


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