The Effing Flu

I thought today would be my re-entrance into the world of the living. I’ve been off the grid, out of touch and out of sight (except for some online Scrabble here and there) since Sunday night when I got struck with this disgustingly nasty flu that’s been going around. There was no warning.  Not even one itty bitty symptom that might make me think I was about to get hit. It was a sudden attack of nauseau, queasiness, a pounding headache and piercing stomach cramps that decided to strike all at once.  I’m just grateful that I didn’t have anyone over for a Golden Globes party.  The last thing I would want or need is to get sick in front of a live audience.

My poor dog Anya seemed confused by my bizarre behavior. Usually when I’m watching television, I’m settled in my corner spot on the couch for hours at a time, with her cuddled next me. She curls up close enough so that one part of her warm furry body is in constant contact with my arm or leg –  even if she’s facing away from me. I know she was really annoyed that I couldn’t keep still and continually broke our attachment. Her eyes followed me like a ping-pong match as I paced back and forth across my living room, waiting for the next bout of “oh no, here it comes again” – as I scrambled out of her line of vision, hands cupped over my mouth.

I had every intention of getting back to my routine today – even though I didn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes last night, thanks to having the cold sweats and a fever. Right now, I’m feeling the wrath of the virus – my body is sore and riddled with muscle aches. Even my eye lashes hurt. My mood is foul. How is it possible that I’ve barely eaten a thing in four days, yet my clothes, stretchy loungewear, are tight on me? What the hell?? Ugh, there’s so much stuff that needs to get done – I’m staring at a pile of paperwork, and it’s making me anxious. It’ll have to wait. Clearly I’m in no shape to do much of anything today, especially since I’m a klutz even when I’m not sick.

So much for my plans for a productive day – it’s bedtime somewhere.

I should have listened to my doctor and gotten the flu shot. From what I hear, it’s not too late – so save yourselves from this nightmare and go get the shot!

Should've gotten the shot!
Should’ve gotten the shot!

3 Replies to “The Effing Flu”

      1. Oh cool! I am so glad it worked out – looking forward to your next post with baited breath. (What a weird saying, eh?) :)))))) take it easy!


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