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Blue Monday

Extra, Extra read all about it – today, January 6, 2014, has been declared the most depressing day of the year. Aces! Now that’s something to look forward to – I’m so grateful to have read about it first thing this morning, so now I can prepare and brace myself for 24 hours full of dread and despair.

The Depression Apocalypse, also known as Blue Monday, has officially arrived and it’s making headlines around the globe. According to the experts, here are the many reasons that make today sad and woeful for so many, as reported by ajc.com:

You’re in debt. 

You already broke your New Year resolutions. 

Everybody is back to work today. (Via ITV)

More than 2 million Tweets have proved that basically, we’re all bummed. (Via Twitter). Tweets related to guilt were nearly five times higher than average on January 6th. That guilt is likely from those New Year’s resolutions already failing. (Via TVNZ)

On a happiness index of zero to 100, Monday, January 6th scored a lousy 49. 

Oh, and, today is also known as Divorce Monday — reportedly the most popular day to file for divorce according to a British website that helps people file. (Via Daily Express)

Now, just imagine if those suffering from Blue Monday are facing all of the rotten, lousy, self-loathing, guilt-ridden and hopelessly dark feelings that those of us with Major Depression deal with daily -could grasp the notion that we are fighting this gloom and doom EVERY single day! The impact could be huge. I bet that they would have a new respect for what can only be fully understood by personal experience.

For most, today’s doomsday depression will subside; lives will go back to normal and if not, hopefully professional help will be sought. I’m off now to plan for the most depressing day of the year. On the upside, I’m quite thankful that, for me, it’s definitely not Divorce Monday Wink

Here’s a link to the full article: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/national/why-today-most-depressing-day-year/ncdLP/



4 Replies to “Hope Blog/Blue Monday”

  1. I did not know about this day, January 6th, being the so-called “most depressing day” of the year. Thank you Adrienne, for this post because it makes me feel better about feeling like total crap this morning.

    On this day five years ago my father died. Dad left this world in a bleak, “barely-assisted” senior living facility with the ludicrous name of “Holiday Villa”. Believe me, it wasn’t a holiday for anyone there, either resident or staff. He died exactly the way he had feared he would die: alone. How I wish I could have been there with him.

    I was very close to my father, who had bipolar disorder. Six weeks postpartum, I called him from my local hospital’s behavioral unit phone to tell him I had just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well. He felt so terrible that he cried. I reassured my Dad that I was “fine” and that “everything made sense” to me. He felt utterly responsible for passing on the bipolar gene to his child.

    When my father died, I had already felt depressed, and his death (which I had been dreading for years) sent me over the edge. I broke down and I went to the hospital yet again. I felt so terrible that I asked for my first round of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), otherwise known as the gruesome-sounding shock treatment. Amazingly the ECT helped me after his death and I was slowly able to function again.

    As a result of that hospitalization, I missed Dad’s memorial service, but I knew that wherever he was, he would understand why I couldn’t attend. My mother thoughtfully arranged for a videographer to film the service so I could view it at a later date. It took me a long, long time to be able to watch it.

    Finally, I forced myself to sit down to view the DVD. It was a beautiful ceremony, complete with a string quartet of Dad’s colleagues from his orchestra performing in tribute. Those attendees who gave in-memoriam speeches were often humorous (some of them were musicians like Dad) and they captured the different aspects of Dad’s personality with vivid recollections. My father would have gotten a big kick out of it all.

    I do believe in the afterlife, and I feel that someday I’ll see my Dad again. I’ll have the chance to apologize to his face for missing his memorial service. He’ll have the chance to tell me how he happy he was to see me rise again from the ashes of bipolar depression and give life another chance.


    1. Thanks Adrienne – I don’t mean to overwhelm you (or anyone else) reading this blog with lengthy comments and I promise future ones will be shorter! By the way, I am pleased to announce that you are now on my blogroll and you are the first one in the list, since you are “A”. Brava! 🙂


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